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There are different methods for accessing Attensi trainings. You should have received information about this from your organization, i.e. by email, internal LMS, SMS or similar.  


This article covers: 

Links to Attensi Products

Below you will find general links to Attensi "Picker" products, where you can access your company's training by inputting your company code.

Attensi SKILLS

Attensi SKILLS can be played on several different platforms. As Attensi SKILLS is mobile-first, we recommend playing SKILLS as an app on your phone.  


Attensi PROCESS can be played on a computer, or as an app on your phone. By default, most PROCESS simulations are used for training on computer applications, and we therefore recommend playing PROCESS on the same platform.  

Attensi PORTAL



Where to Find Your Training on Web

Typically, the game will be accessible in one of these ways:  

Landing Page

This URL will typically be, and sometimes, as in the example below for 

A person sitting on a couch with a computer

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Attensi PORTAL

This URL will typically be or, see the example below for 

A screenshot of a webinar

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Custom Links

Your organization may have certain links or pathways for you to use that are proprietary and outside the scope of Attensi. You can easily identify those links as they will not have Attensi anywhere in the name: 

A screenshot of a computer

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