How to Play Attensi SKILLS

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What devices can I play Attensi SKILLS on?

Attensi SKILLS is an accessible cross-platform application with a mobile-first design. Its primary platforms are iOS and Android on phone.

SKILLS can also be run on WebGL (web browser) on a computer, as well as on the Attensi standalone application on Windows and Mac.

SKILLS cannot be run on a web browser on a mobile device. When playing on a phone, the SKILLS app needs to be downloaded.

For further details, visit the Minimal Technical Specification guide for Attensi Products.

Download Attensi SKILLS

To download Attensi SKILLS, visit from your preferred device.

You can also download Attensi SKILLS from App Store or Google Play by searching for "Attensi SKILLS". 

Open Products in SKILLS

When you load the SKILLS app, all training products that you have access to will be listed. Click on the product that you wish to open.

If you only have access to one product, this will load automatically.

SKILLS products contain maps, in which you will find the training modules to play through.



If you have access to more than one Attensi SKILLS product for your company, or if you belong to several companies, you can easily switch between them from the login screen on your desktop or mobile device.

Switch between products

  1. Click on your profile icon on the bottom menu bar
  2. Click on Switch Product.
  3. Select the product you wish to open.


You can also switch product by logging out or closing and reopening the app.

Switch between companies

  1. Log out of the product you are in. From SKILLS, PORTAL and other products, the log-out option is available from the menu in the top right corner. If you can not find out how to log out, you can also close the application to get back to the login screen.
  2. Click Change company in the top left corner. Enter the company code or company name, and log in to the new company. 
  3. Select product. If only one product is available, this will start automatically. 


If your company is using SKILLS+, your SKILLS app will load your company's PORTAL, rather than open a SKILLS product directly.

From the PORTAL, you can access your training content, including SKILLS trainings. You will find your content in the For You and/or Journeys tabs.