Leaderboards in PORTAL

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If your company has leaderboards enabled in PORTAL, you can see your score for the different products and see where you are placed compared to your colleagues.

This article covers:

Where do I find the leaderboards?

When you are in the Portal, you can locate all leaderboards from the leaderboards tab in the top bar.

From here you will be able to see all the leaderboards across the different products that are available in PORTAL.

The sidebar will show the leaderboard for the most popular/most played game at the moment.

What is the difference between Global, Regional and Department leaderboards?

  • Global leaderboards shows your score in relation to everyone else in the company.
  • Regional leaderboards shows your score in relation to everyone in your region.
  • Department leaderboards shows your score in relation to everyone in your department.

Note that not all types of leaderboard may be visible; this will depend on your company's settings.

What are the differences between leaderboards in PORTAL and in-game?

There's no immediate difference between the score that is displayed on the PORTAL leaderboard compared to the leaderboard in-game. 

The only place you might experience some difference is on your completion rate panel. The panel displayed in Portal shows your completion rate for products in PORTAL and does not take into consideration the amount of modules within each game.


I have a different rank on my leaderboard than on my colleague's leaderboard, why is that?

This is related to access. If you and your colleague have different access, the score displayed on your individual leaderboards will differ.


If you have access to 5 modules in a game and your colleague has access to 10 modules, your leaderboard will only show scores based on the 5 modules you have access to.

Your colleague's leaderboard, on the other hand, will show the scores based on the 10 modules they have access to. Therefore, you might have a different rank.


There are no names on the leaderboard, it just says N/A.

If there are no names displayed on the leaderboard this could be related to the settings on a company level.

Usually this issue is because the leaderboard is set to show nicknames, but there's no onboarding step for users to set their nickname.

If you see this problem for your company, contact your system administrator or Attensi support.