What is Attensi FAST?

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FAST is available in Course or Exam format.

Both can be created quickly and easily through the online FAST Editor tool.

FAST Courses

FAST Courses are a lightweight and engaging way to train your people.

They are inspired by the Feature news article format, coupled with gamification elements.


FAST Exams

FAST Exams are a lightweight and effective way to test player knowledge and understanding.

They are a customisable assessment method that allows players to "pass" trainings and topics.


Who can access FAST?

If your organization has purchased access to FAST, anyone in your organization can log in at fast.attensi.com and get creative!

Superusers can "Create as Attensi product" and distribute the FAST Course or Exam in PORTAL.


Visit the How to create a FAST article to learn more about how you create and distribute your FASTs!